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Operation Principle

Provide a visual fulcrum for the safety and progress of society

Operation: Harmony & Win-Win

Humanity: Respect for Humanity

Product: Excellence & Innovation

Work: Rigorous & Pragmatic

Quality: Continue to improve

Environmental: safety & environmental protection


Team building activities

With a variety of activities and a deeply rooted cultural brand, continue to pass the cultural beliefs to the employees.

Team building can clarify the goals of the team and enhance the team spirit and team awareness of employees. Through a clear division of work, improve the team’s ability to deal with problems better when facing problems together, and exercise the team to cooperate with each other for common goals, and complete tasks better and faster.

Social responsibility

Be thankful & Contributing , Make the world a better place

YTOT attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and keep contributing to the society. We have been taking action to protect the environment, care for the elderly, and fight the COVID-19 together.

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