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Everything You Should Know About Vari-Focal Lens for Surveillance

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-17 15:10
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Everything You Should Know About Vari-Focal Lens for Surveillance

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Media News
  • Origin:YTOT
  • Time of issue:2022-10-17 15:10
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When people hear about vari-focal lenses, surveillance often comes to mind. While that is true for most cases, people usually limit the use cases of vari-focal lenses. Surveillance needs a vari-focal lens to make clear images in the specific scene.


Image quality is of great importance if you dabble in any of the above specializations. One of the biggest mistakes numerous people make is compromising on the quality of their lenses to save money. While this can lead to some savings, you must invest in a lens specially designed for your professional needs.


What Main Lens Types Are There?

The two main optical lens types you should be concerned about are the fixed focal lens and the vari-focal lens for surveillance.


A fixed focal lens has a settled focal length, making it impossible to zoom in or out. On the other hand, the vari-focal lens for surveillance allows you to change the focal length. With a vari- focal lens, you can frame your subject as desired without moving closer or farther from it.


When we focus on a larger scale, we notice that the vari-focal lens for surveillance is more adaptable to situations than the fixed focal lens.


Advantages of A Vari-Focal Lens

Vari-Focal lenses deliver several benefits, especially when we are not too harped on creative imaging. Some of these positives include;


  1. Versatility

The vari-focal lens for surveillance allows you to capture the action without worrying about missing any critical moments while changing settings or getting closer or further away from your subject matter. With these lenses, you do not have to be right next to whatever you want to surveillance; instead, you can set up where its comfortable for the subject matter and then adjust accordingly when necessary.


  1. Reducing the Number of Lens Changes

A vari-focal lens can be a great addition to the surveillance kit. Its one of the best ways to get a wide range of focal lengths in a single lens. This means you can fit more information into your shots while avoiding the need to change lenses frequently. For example, vari-focal lenses benefit wildlife and sports photographers and people who need to capture moving subjects.


  1. Travel Light Without Carrying Multiple Fixed Focal Lenses

The ability to change lenses is a huge advantage when surveillance, but the weight of numerous lenses can be a burden. A vari-focal lens for surveillance has the advantage of being relatively lightweight and compact compared to multiple fixed focal lenses. You can use a vari-focal lens for everything from portraits to landscapes.

What Types of Vari-Focal Lenses Are There?

Several types of vari-focal lenses cater to diverse use cases and often deliver different results. That said, we can classify some of the varieties of vari-focal lenses into the following;


  1. Starlight Lenses and Common Aperture Lenses

A starlight lens is a lens that has a large maximum aperture, which enables it to let more light in than a common aperture lens and great performance in low light environment. A common aperture lens has a small maximum aperture, which lets in less light than a faster lens. A common aperture lens can be advantageous in bright light situations because it allows you to use a wider aperture while maintaining the depth of field. Both lenses are used for different purposes and have various applications.


  1. Constant or Variable Aperture

A vari-focal lens has two types of aperture; constant and variable aperture. A constant aperture is the maximum aperture of a lens, which is constant throughout the focal range. For example, if you have a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, its maximum aperture will be f/2.8 regardless of which focal length you choose. The variable aperture is the lenss minimum aperture, and it varies with the focal length selected.


  1. Wide-Angle Lens

It is a surveillance lens with a wide angle of view. Wide-angle lenses gather footage of significant subjects in which the main subject is not close to the camera, such as a landscape or a group of people.

YTOT Vari-Focal Optical Lens

YTOT vari-focal optical lens is the best for high-precision optical systems in various surveillances. The application of the vari-focal lens is limited by the lens aperture size and focal length, so youd better equip yourself with practical knowledge of how these lenses work.


Moreover, YTOT vari-focal lenses are made with high-quality glass materials and advanced coating technology. The manufacturing process includes grinding, polishing, and coating to ensure excellent image quality and high transmission efficiency throughout the visible spectrum.


Final Thoughts

We are a professional lens manufacturer who gives uncompromising  vari-focal lens footage that compensates for all kinds of low-light conditions.


YTOT vari-focal lens for surveillance offers robust solutions at a reasonable cost while providing quality images. For more information on how you can upgrade your optical systems, please dont hesitate to contact us.


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