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Utomi Optics | The 3rd Friendly Badminton Match was successfully concluded

In order to further enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, enhance team cohesion, create a "happy work, happy life" movement atmosphere, encourage employees to respond to opportunities and challenges every day with a healthy body and a happy mood. On June 8, the third badminton Friendly Competition of Yutong Optics was successfully completed. The badminton friendly competition was sponsored by the Trade union Committee and set up five events, men's singles, women's singles, mixed doubles, women's doubles and men's doubles, attracting more than 30 badminton enthusiasts from all departments.

Opening ceremony site

The opening ceremony of the third badminton friendly competition has kicked off in anticipation. As the first mass sports event this year, it is an important platform for trade unions to organize and mobilize sports culture exchanges. All participating athletes, referees and staff, always adhere to the "friendship first, competition second" principle, competition style, competition level, competition friendship. Through this competition, the company fully demonstrates the good spirit of hard work, high spirits, and striving for the first place, encourages more people to actively participate in healthy and upward community sports activities, and injects new vitality and vitality into the high-quality development of various departments of the company.

Serve, jump, defend, attack... The players and teams are in full swing, fully demonstrating their strength and style on the field, and showing their various ball skills incisively and vividly. The players kept swinging their rackets, all kinds of difficult and exquisite skills emerged endlessly, and the badminton kept arcing over the stadium, which not only made the game very exciting, but also ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

In order to encourage more people to strengthen their physical fitness and enhance team cohesion, the third badminton friendly competition of "Youth and Vitality" was set up in the final interactive session. Participants gained joy in this session and won their favorite small gifts.