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Coagulative rope gather strength, struggle courageously -- Yu Tong Optics second "Unity Cup" tug-of-war successfully concluded

Wonderful review of the second "Unity Cup" basketball Invitational competition

In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, enhance the team cohesion between various departments, and carry forward the team spirit, the company held the second "Unity Cup" tug-of-war competition from December 8 to 25. The competition adopts the form of combining group points and elimination matches, and participates in the competition in the form of mixed teams of men and women. A total of 12 teams from various departments and more than 290 players actively participate in the competition, fully demonstrating the staff of Yutong Optics to compete couragely, unite and cooperate, and have the courage to fight.


The opening ceremony of the second "Unity Cup" tug-of-war competition





On the field, the players are full of fighting spirit and confidence, with the referee blowing the whistle, the game officially began, under the command of the leader, the players tightly hold a rope, try their best to pull the rope to their own team, and the red rope in the middle line moves back and forth between the two teams, both evenly matched mutual stalemate, and one-sided strong crushing. The atmosphere of the stadium is tense and warm, and the shouts of cheering and Shouting are one after another. The players of both sides condensed the courage and perseverance to fight courageously, carrying the strong spiritual strength of daring to fight.

On December 25, Yutong Optics launched the second "Unity Cup" tug-of-war final. In the game, the final showdown between the fierce team and the unknown force team made all the audience enthusiastic, the two sides stalked each other for nearly 1 minute, which is the dual consumption of physical strength and endurance, several players even wore out their shoes in the game, even in this case, the players still tightly hold the rope, struggling to compete for the last moment.



In the end, after the fierce competition of the final, the fierce team with excellent strength and tacit cooperation, won the championship of the current tug-of-war, the unknown force team won the runner-up, the mold elite team and the team won the season and the temple.


Winner: Storm Team


Runner-up: Unknown Force


Third place: Mold elite team

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Temple Army: Yes or no

This year's "Unity Cup" tug-of-war competition has further enhanced the team cohesion and organizational ability between departments, and through joint cooperation and mutual support, we have jointly established trust between each other and experienced the importance of teamwork. In the future, Yutong Optics will continue to carry out a number of cultural and sports activities, enabling activity innovation, enhancing the enthusiasm and happiness of employees, and contributing to the high-quality development of the company.