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Utong Optical | Work safety management cartoon evaluation event

In November 2021, Yutong Optics held a cartoon evaluation activity on safety production management with the theme of "Workshop safety education".

In the early stage of the cartoon competition, the heads of various departments actively promoted and vigorously promoted in the pre-class meeting. According to the statistics, at the beginning of this activity, the organizing committee collected more than 120 works from employees. Based on the four dimensions of creativity, content, art and structure, a total of 30 works were shortlisted for evaluation.

The evaluation is divided into online voting and offline rating. The organizing committee set up an online cartoon polling place downstairs in the company cafeteria, and vigorously promoted workshop safety education while displaying works.

After a week of display, the online voting stage, a total of 12,699 votes, a total of 5,441 people participated in the voting. In the offline scoring session, the organizing committee invited Zhu Shenghong, general manager of the company's product supply chain center, Li Wenyong, deputy general manager of the Human Resources Center, and relevant workshop supervisors to attend the scoring session.

Employee vote

According to the score summary, a total of 16 excellent works were selected in the safety production management cartoon evaluation activity, and excellent works will be displayed on the team Kanban in the workshop.

Spot scoring

Yu Tong Optics takes the safety production management cartoon evaluation activity as an opportunity, combined with the current safety production work, and effectively enhance the safety production awareness of management personnel and production line employees.

In the future, the company will continue to uphold the corporate values of "rigorous and pragmatic, safety and environmental protection, harmonious and win-win", carry out safety education, improve the awareness of safe production and civilized production, improve the production technology level and management level of employees, and promote the harmonious development of enterprises.