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Yutong Optics | the first "Unity Cup" tug-of-war competition

In order to strengthen the company's team building, enhance the cohesion of the department, and enrich the spare time life of employees, Yutong Optics organized all employees to carry out the first "Unity Cup" tug of war. This tug-of-war competition adopts the elimination system, a total of 16 teams from the whole company signed up for the competition, in the form of mixed teams. On November 08, 2021, the first "Unity Cup" tug-of-war of Yutong Optics officially began, and 16 teams faced each other, which staged an exciting "tug of war" for us.

Unity Cup

On November 08, 2021, Yutong Optics held the final of the first "Unity Cup" tug-of-war competition. As the referee's whistle blew, the players pressed their feet, grasping the rope hard to pull back, some mouths to breathe in, some gills, and some teeth to try their best. The cheerleaders are also "not to be outdone", "one and two · Come on! One, two, come on!" The roar of cheers rang through the arena.

After fierce competition, the King Kong team from the ultra-precision mold molding center won the championship. After the game, Liu Shengshou, deputy general manager of the company center, presented the award to the winning team.

List of winners

Winner: King Kong

Runner-up: Dragons and Elephants

Third place: Mold elite team

Temple Army: The winning team

The successful holding of this tug-of-war competition has enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of all members, highlighting the spirit of unity and cooperation and perseverance of Yu Tong Optical. In the future, Yutong Optics will continue to carry out a number of employee activities to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, enrich the connotation of company culture, and enhance the sense of responsibility, belonging and happiness of employees.