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Free diagnosis service into the enterprise health work hand in hand | Yu Tong optics to carry out traditional Chinese medicine free diagnosis care activities

In order to improve the company's employees' health awareness and ability to prevent disease, further care for the health of employees, and strengthen the company's health care services, on September 18, Yutong Optics invited the Health Research Institute of Guangdong Daqo Research Institute into the company to carry out a one-week "free diagnosis and treatment, sincerely for you" traditional Chinese medicine free diagnosis and treatment activities. Let the company's employees experience high-quality medical services directly at their doorstep.

At the site of the free clinic activity, an endless stream of employees came to participate in the free clinic examination. Chinese medicine experts consulted employees in detail about their physical conditions, understood their physical conditions and recorded their symptoms in detail through the way of "looking, smelling, asking, and cutting", listened to their health questions and demands, and provided them with services such as blood pressure measurement, traditional Chinese medicine health care, and health knowledge popularization. Patiently explain the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine health care and healthy diet, according to the physical condition of employees to issue free traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and healthy life guidance, professional and meticulous service won the company's employees praise.

This free clinic attracted more than 500 employees of the company to have a diagnosis and treatment experience. Through this activity, employees have a deeper understanding of their own physical conditions, thus enhancing their health awareness and self-management ability. In the next step, Yutong Optics will continue to increase the physical health care for employees, and regularly organize a series of activities such as free TCM diagnosis, diet physiotherapy, and mental health knowledge lectures in the enterprise, so that employees can gain more happiness and a sense of gain, improve the health security of the enterprise, and help the high-quality development of the enterprise.