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Joint fight against the epidemic | Utomi optical Reactivation Guide

① The company officially resumed work on February 10;

② Employees in Hubei Province, suspend the return to work, return to work time to wait for the company's notice; (3) Employees who have recently been to Hubei Province or have close contact with people who have experienced Hubei Province, confirmed cases, suspected cases, and employees who have chest tightness, dry cough, fatigue, fever and other symptoms should not return to the factory. Observation shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the local government, and the specific return time shall be notified separately by the human resources Department of the company. Employees who can not return to the factory on time should call the department head and report to the company's human resources department for reference; ④ After arriving at Chang 'an, all personnel shall directly return to the dormitory or home for self-isolation, and contact the general affairs department to report the arrival time. If the isolation period expires and there is no symptoms, then return to work; (5) Employees returning from Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province and Henan province shall be isolated for five days (if they arrive in Chang 'an on the 9th, they will go to work on the 14th), and employees returning from the remaining provinces shall be isolated for three days (if they arrive in Chang 'an on the 9th, they will go to work on the 12th); During the isolation period, the meals of employees living in the company dormitory are arranged by the company for free, and the home is arranged by itself. ① During work, all employees need to take temperature before entering and leaving the factory, dormitory and restaurant; (2) All personnel should wear medical masks at all times, with the standard implementation of 2 masks a day in indirect departments and 3 masks a day in direct departments; ③ In order to reduce personnel gathering, the company canteen will not be open from February 10 to 16. Meals are arranged separately by the company free of charge. For employees living in the company dormitory, the company provides three meals; For employees who stay at home, lunch is provided. ④ From February 10 to 16, the company will only work during the day. Flexibly arrange overtime work according to the work situation on site; ⑤ All employees have the responsibility and obligation to feedback themselves and colleagues around the abnormal situation at the first time; Company employees are prohibited from all gathering activities other than work needs, including dinners, various sports and sports activities, and various club activities, until the end of the epidemic. ① All personnel (including those in Hubei Province) who delay going to work due to the epidemic will not affect salary adjustment, promotion, year-end bonus and other assessments; ② The salary part is strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant documents of the Human Resources and social Security Department of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province; Due to the delay in the resumption of work, wages will be deferred. ① Pay attention to the epidemic situation and strengthen self-protection. Wear a mask at work, outside, in the dormitory and at home; 2 Wash hands frequently, drink more water, ventilate frequently, go out less, do not party; ③ Try not to take public transportation and avoid going to crowded places; ④ Keep good tickets, tickets, etc., in order to cooperate with the investigation of possible relevant close contacts; ⑤ Can be disinfected with 75% alcohol, please do not spray to the body, indoors and inside the car, strictly prevent fire. When disinfecting with indoor wiping method, it should not be used too much, and indoor ventilation should be maintained. Outdoor spray disinfection can not be used in large quantities and open flames must be prohibited. Keep ethanol away from fire. If there are chest tightness, dry cough, fatigue, fever and other symptoms, should seek medical attention in time, and report to the company; Truly fill in all kinds of questionnaires required by the company, shall not conceal, otherwise need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.


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