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Autumn students, love to realize dreams

In September 2023, Yutong Education responded to the education development concept of "century-long plan, education first, Shaxi education, education", deeply implemented the concept and purpose of attaching importance to education, supporting education, and loving education, and actively participated in the "Golden Autumn school aid" household visit public welfare activities organized by the Shaxi Town government of Xinzhou District, donating 30,000 yuan for a group of outstanding students. For the students and their families lit the hope of changing the fate.


Enterprises donated 19,400 yuan in total to support 259 students from two colleges and universities, including 4,000 yuan/person for 985 colleges and universities, 3,000 yuan/person for 211 colleges and universities, and 1,500 yuan/person for an ordinary college and university. The amount of scholarship awarded by two colleges and universities is 800 yuan/person, and the amount of scholarship awarded to poor households by filing a card is 2000 yuan/person. In response to the call of public welfare, Yu Tong Education takes practical actions to help students realize their dreams.