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Yutong Optics was awarded "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise"

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office issued the Notice on determining a new batch of National intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises and advantageous Enterprises in 2023 and passed the Review, and Dongguan Yutong Optical Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Yutong Optical") was awarded the "National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise".

The award of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" is a recognition of Yutong Optical's intellectual property management concept, creation, application, protection, etc., and it is also an affirmation of Yutong Optical's research and development innovation.


National intellectual property advantage enterprises

National intellectual property advantage enterprises refer to enterprises that belong to the key industrial fields of national and regional development, can undertake major and key industrial development projects of national and regional development, have independent intellectual property rights capabilities, actively carry out intellectual property rights protection and application, establish comprehensive intellectual property rights management systems and mechanisms, and have comprehensive intellectual property rights strength.

By adhering to independent innovation, Yutong Optics has made a series of independent intellectual property rights and technical achievements. At present, Yutong Optics has applied for more than 750 patents worldwide, and has been authorized more than 460, including 60 invention patents, a total of 34 provincial and municipal high-tech product certifications, and more than 170 registered trademarks at home and abroad. The company has won Guangdong intellectual property Demonstration Enterprise, Dongguan Patent Award, Dongguan Patent advantage Enterprise. Next, Yutong Optics will continue to rely on advanced intellectual property innovation capabilities to improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise development.

In the next step, Yutong Optical will focus on key areas and key links such as intellectual property management, service, protection and application, comprehensively improve the enterprise's intellectual property innovation ability, continue to increase investment in product research and development and technological innovation, and constantly improve the application and competitive advantage of intellectual property, helping the enterprise's intellectual property construction to reach a new high.