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Yutong Optics first badminton friendly competition

Yutong Optics first badminton friendly competition

Launched on 23 August 2020

Competition score

Men's singles

Women's singles

Mixed doubles



 Admission registration 

At 13:30 on the 23rd, the players successively arrived at the competition venue, and the players who have arrived took the initiative to cooperate with the staff to measure the temperature, show the Yuekang code, information registration, group drawing and other pre-competition preparations according to the pre-competition requirements.


 Dancing energy 

After the draw, each player will arrive at the designated venue according to the draw, and the referee will confirm the status of the players present, and the badminton friendly match will officially start!

Mixed doubles


Men's singles

 YTOT friendly game

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Spectators watching the game


Who fights with

After many rounds of competition, the first badminton friendly competition of Yutong Optics came to an end.