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Utong optical | The first table tennis competition came to a successful conclusion

In April 2022, Yutong Optics held the "Love 'Ping' will win" table tennis competition. The competition lasts for three weeks, with three events: men's singles, women's singles and team. In order to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control work, the competition will be held in the form of weekly Saikou peak.

At 20:00 on April 29, the first table tennis competition of Yutong Optics was successfully concluded.

The competition adheres to the principles of fairness, justice and openness, and the players play the sports spirit of tenacious, hard work, unity and assistance vividly. The atmosphere at the scene was warm and tense, and the audience spontaneously cheered on the players on the field.

The players are full of spirit, one beat and one lift, showing their excellent skills between attack and defense, there are precise and wonderful super long pull ball; Having a light and agile slice; Have a powerful smash and so on.

The table tennis players faced each other shuttled back and forth on the table table, drawing a beautiful arc. The scenes of straight racket, horizontal racket, spiking and rotating ball and curving ball were dazzling. The audience watching the game felt the warm atmosphere at the scene, but also could not keep down their inner excitement, and applauded the players when they saw the wonderful scenes!

In the end, after intense competition and fierce struggle, the award ranking of each project was determined.

This competition provides a platform for employees to show themselves, and fully demonstrates the good spirit of employees who are healthy, lively, vigorous and upward.


In the future, Yutong Optics will continue to carry out diversified cultural and sports activities, enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, and integrate the sportsmanship of unity and struggle on the field into the corporate culture of "harmony and win-win, excellence and innovation, rigorous and pragmatic, and excellence".