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"Walk the enterprise to see the resumption of work" on-site conference - Yu Tong optical station


On the morning of May 8, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee organized a number of journalists from the central and provincial key media to conduct concentrated interviews in Chang 'an Town and visit the resumption of work and production of enterprises. Chang 'an Township Committee deputy secretary, mayor Tan Chun and other leaders accompanied the visit. Yu Tong Optics is the first stop of the media group to Chang 'an town. Our chairman Zhang Pinguang, General manager assistant Jiang General manager, human resources Department Li General reception town leaders and media groups. Company leaders introduced the company's general situation and the resumption of work and production to the media group, led media friends to visit the factory, and answered the relevant questions of reporters.

The reporters asked questions about our company's epidemic prevention measures, production and operation conditions and difficulties faced by enterprises. Since January 24, 2020, when Guangdong Province announced the first level of emergency response measures, leaders at all levels of the company have attached great importance to it. On January 25, our company set up a novel coronavirus prevention and control team, led by Chairman Zhang Pinguang and General manager Jin Yonghong, to comprehensively carry out Yutong optical epidemic prevention work in terms of formulating emergency plans, refining epidemic prevention procedures, and clarifying internal responsibilities. Under the care and supervision of leaders at all levels in the city and town, our company began to resume work and production on February 10. At the same time, a series of epidemic prevention and management measures have been taken, including the issuance of masks for employees, regular disinfection, and temperature monitoring. With the gradual reduction of domestic epidemic prevention and control risks, our company has also actively improved the return to work and production rate, and sent cars to pick up employees point-to-point. Today, the company has fully resumed normal production. In addition, sales revenue in the first quarter increased from the same period last year. At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, the college students who originally planned to go to the company for graduation design can not go to the company for internship, I hope the school can resume as soon as possible. It is also hoped that the government's pro-business policies will continue.

Yutong Light Society earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, make every effort to grasp production, promote sales, stabilize the market, and win the epidemic prevention and control battle and the economic development defense war.