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Yu Tong Optics attended the Zeiss New product launch

On September 1, ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition and the 21st SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, the "weather vane" that has attracted the attention of South China's manufacturing industry, was grandly opened. ZEISS, the leader in optical measurement and industrial quality solutions, showcased heavyweight product solutions and unveiled a new generation of ZEISS CONTURA products at its stand 3-L04. Zeiss Industrial Measurement Solutions China Sales Director Mr. Hou Shijun and Zeiss Industrial Measurement Solutions China Marketing Director Mr. Wang Yin unveiled the new Zeiss 2020 product.



At the opening ceremony, ZEISS invited Mr. Zhang Zhanjun, R&D general manager of Dongguan Yutong Optical Technology Co., LTD., a high-quality customer, to the scene. Mr. Zhang launched the new generation of ZEISS CONTURA through one-click start-up technology, and many user representatives and media friends present jointly witnessed this memorable and important moment.



At the new product launch, Mr. Zhao Xingfu, Product Manager of ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions in China, introduced the four business areas of Zeiss and the layout development in China. "Zeiss achieved a compound annual growth rate of 24% in the five years from 13/14 to 18/19. Zeiss has a history of more than 100 years in the industrial sector, and the business area has always shown growth." 'he said.



Speaking about the many breakthroughs achieved by the new generation of ZEISS CONTURA, hailed as the "new model of high-performance scanning platform", Manager Zhao spoke to us: As we all know, Zeiss products have always been respected by the industry for their high precision, small footprint and fast speed. The new generation of ZEISS CONTURA is equipped with a high-performance scanning platform, and the machine's X and Z axes are DLC diamond coated with one-seventh the thermal stability of marble and one-third the friction of marble. In addition, the new generation of Zeiss air bearing technology is also used, and the graphite layer surface has millions of small holes to air out, with strong hydrophobic, strong dust removal, oil resistance, to ensure the long-term stability of the machine. The ZEISS ProMax offers up to 27 slots outside the measuring range, making it easy to change probes automatically. This optimizes the measurement range of the workpiece without the risk of collision in the path of the probe, increasing space utilization by up to 46%.



It is worth mentioning that the new mobile four-axis turntable can be flexibly installed in the measurement range according to the inspection needs, and can be easily removed from the measurement range again if necessary. This value-added option enables four-axis measurement.

Then, Tao Sun, Product Manager of ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, introduced a series of Zeiss solutions for the smart factory and automation industry, "Precision inspection is moving from the laboratory to the factory, creating greater value for enterprises." When talking about why more and more users need a one-stop measurement solution, Manager Sun discussed from a variety of application scenarios.

When talking about the advantages of manual measurement in the measurement application scenario, Manager Sun specifically emphasized that ZEISS Automation can reduce labor intensity, achieve rapid measurement, while easy to operate, reduce human error, reduce operational risks, and greatly improve efficiency. In the scenario of product size and weight measurement for batch small parts measurement, medium parts measurement, large parts measurement, and super large parts measurement, Manager Sun introduced the advantages and characteristics of four kinds of measurement in detail.



Coordinate measurement through human-computer interaction or the system according to the use of the measuring machine in the factory, the optimal adjustment of the measuring machine, full use of all measuring capabilities, real-time feedback of measurement results, measurement results automatically collected and analyzed. Through the measurement solution, the efficiency of the machine is increased to 94%, the manual time is increased from 25% to 40%, and the labor intensity is reduced.

"From automatic detection, automatic sorting, automatic feedback, automatic compensation, and finally realize the combination of intelligent measurement and intelligent production, to achieve real-time field inspection, multi-platform interaction, and all-round quality solutions." At the end of the event, Manager Sun shared the trends of future Zeiss products.



With the comprehensive development of the Chinese automation market, Zeiss continues to apply innovative products to the integration of automation projects. In the future, the manufacturing industry faces continuous innovation in methods, tools, business models and so on. As Zeiss's largest market in the world, China still has great potential for future development. We also look forward to continuing to witness Zeiss develop more customized products for the Chinese market to better meet the needs of the Chinese market."