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Yu Tong Optics was selected as the "Guangdong Province second batch of construction and cultivation of production and education integration enterprises" public announcement

Dongguan Yutong Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building a high-level skill talent training platform, and actively participate in the integration of production and education. A few days ago, the list of the second batch of production and education integration enterprises in Guangdong Province was announced, and our company was successfully selected and included in the Guangdong production and education integration enterprise reserve.

In the next step, our company will formulate and implement a three-year plan in accordance with the relevant requirements of the provincial construction and cultivation of integrated enterprises of production and education, deeply participate in the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation, play a leading demonstration effect in school-enterprise collaborative education, industry-university-research cooperation, and promote employment, and help Dongguan develop high-quality.


Overall objective

Focus on the construction of key specialties. Strengthen the construction of teaching staff, the construction of experimental and practical training conditions, deepen the reform of personnel training mode, curriculum system and teaching content, drive the construction of relevant professional groups, improve the school-running strength and level of key majors and related professional groups, drive the construction of local vocational education, enhance the social service capacity of schools and expand the radiation force, and lead the development of vocational education in Dongguan. To provide talent support for Dongguan to build a skilled talent city.

Three-year plan

Our company will carry out professional construction with relevant vocational colleges, promote the training of high-skill talents in cooperation between the east and the west, and train "double-qualified" teachers. Carry out scientific and technological innovation work with domestic research institutions; Build experimental and practical training bases, carry out the training of vocational skills, and cultivate comprehensive applied talents in the fields of optics, mold, and mechanical and electrical engineering.


Teaching task

1. Build a major and develop teaching materials and supporting resources based on enterprise positions;

2. Build a high-skill talent training base for school-enterprise cooperation between East and West;

3. Innovate school-enterprise cooperation model;

4. Innovative personnel training model;

5. Improve the construction of training platform;

6. Build a "double teacher" team and enrich the teaching innovation team of teachers;


Supporting resources and management

Yutong Optics provides production training equipment and training venues, which are equipped with a real working environment, integrating teaching, training, production and technology research and development functions in one, which can realize the integration of theory and practice teaching, and cultivate comprehensive applied talents in optics, mold and mechanical and electrical fields.