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Yu Tong optics awarded Dongguan City skills master studio

Recently, through the procedures of recommendation application, qualification preliminary examination, organizational review and publicity, Dongguan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced the "list of Dongguan Skill Master Studio establishment units in 2023", and Yu Tong Optics was awarded the Dongguan Skill Master Studio.

Yutong Optical Skill Master Studio aims to promote the improvement of the company's talent training system, play a leading role in demonstrating, expand the team of skilled talents, and promote the company's technical level progress and efficiency improvement.


The supporting policy of Dongguan City Skill Master Studio encourages highly skilled talents or skilled craftsmen with outstanding performance to rely on qualified industries and enterprises, build carriers, and vigorously train skilled talents and carry out technical research in ways such as teacher and apprentice, promote technological progress and solve key technical problems, and enable high-quality development of enterprises.


In the future, Yutong Optical Skill Master Studio will play a leading and exemplary role of highly skilled talents, train more high-quality skilled talents, and provide technical support for promoting the company's high-quality development and scientific and technological progress.